For the next year 2018, I am back with a fresh website and news sounds… I want to share my mixes with you and invite you into my world of electro music.

As my liking for electro sounds grew, I wondered how I'd convey these feelings to the audience at large. Live mixing was the obvious answer, maintaining a balance between personal expression and artistic interpretation. As you can see, my main influences come from minimalist electro sounds, like some German or English DJs.

I started DJing in 1999 with TECHNICS SL1200 MK2 turntables, producing sounds more in the 'hard techno' vein, but in the intervening years my tastes have evolved. Since 2008 I've been mixing on PIONEER digital turntables, using minimalist electronic sounds, but with an original feel. The first website that I created in 2006 is still online, see link at the bottom of this page. My mixes will be updated soon. Do come and listen to them...

Electro Tech Mix [51:30] Dj Set 09/2017
Patrice Bäumel / Maceo Plex / Kölsch / D-Nox / Human Machine

"Classics" Tech Mix [49:40] Dj Set 04/2017
Monika Kruse / Technasia / Jan Driver / Hawtin / Rother

Electro Tech Mix [40:20] Dj Set 02/2017
Axpin / Audion / Drunken Kong / &ME / Bodzin / Eric Volta

Electro Tech Mix [38:10] Dj Set 12/2016
&Me / Huntemann / Williams / Hackman / Bart Skils / Ambivalent

Electro Tech Mix [46:00] Dj Set 11/2016
Silent Servant / Huxley / Trus'me / Trunkline / Slam / Bart Skils

Techno Mix [51:50] Dj Set 07/2016
Fur Coat / Night Talk / Gill Norris / Dynarec / Timmo





Evol 2 [5:20] Product 02/2017

Tell me Why [5:20] Product 01/2017

The Pressure [5:40] Product 12/2016

Minimal Motion [5:40] Product 08/2014

Brain Beat [5:00] Product 07/2014



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